Each session is customized to suit the industry, style and priorities of our client.

The consultants at CCB provide substantive feedback and individualized plans of action.  They work closely with their clients to understand the complexities of their industries, messages and goals.  They know when and how to deliver critique in a way that is uncompromising in its honesty, but never harsh.

More importantly, CCB translates the feedback into actions and exercises that bolster the client’s confidence and improve the impact of the message.


Executive Presence and One on One Coaching

1. Creating a leadership brand or message
2. Augmenting your image
3. Connecting more effectively with a wide range of individual styles

Presentation Skills

1. Public speaking – investor conferences, earnings calls, pitches
2. Fundraising – national and international
3. RFP presentations
4. Wielding a pitch book wisely
5. Facilitation techniques
6. Storytelling for business
7. Strengthening your message
8. Charisma

Negotiation Skills

1. Preparing effectively
2. Gaining control
3. Influencing the outcome
4. Understanding the role of gender in negotiations

Selling Skills

1. Crafting your persuasive message
2. Understanding the client’s values and areas of resistance
3. Making the deal happen

Interviewing Skills

As candidate:
1. Communicating your strengths powerfully concisely
2. Flexing to the interviewer’s style

As interviewer:
1. Controlling the process
2. Effective questioning
3. Identifying the truth behind the answers

Emotional Intelligence

1. The components of Emotional Intelligence
2. Assessing Emotional Intelligence
3. Strategies to improve Emotional Intelligence

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Each session is customized to suit the industry, style and priorities of our client. Learn more

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