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CCB is a communication consultancy specializing in helping senior executives hone their leadership messages.

We work with our clients on all aspects of these communications, focusing primarily on the in-person delivery: speeches, fundraising requests, team messages, pitches, delivering feedback and more.

Paramount to the effectiveness of any communicator is his or her ability to create and maintain charisma, character and clarity.  These can all be enhanced through work on skills including movement, eye contact, gestures and voice.

In addition, today’s global reach and fast pace requires leaders of business to also interact by email, telephone, video-conferencing and the written word. He or she must interact seamlessly with a wide variety of media and an equally challenging array of personalities.

The consultants at CCB provide substantive feedback and individualized plans of action.  They work closely with their clients to understand the complexities of their industries, messages and goals.  They know when and how to deliver critique in a way that is uncompromising in its honesty, but never harsh.

More importantly, CCB translates the feedback into actions and exercises that bolster the client’s confidence and improve the impact of the message.

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Cathy C. Bonczek


Cathy specializes in working with senior executives, domestically and internationally to hone their high stakes communications, pitches and leadership delivery skills. She has over 20 years of professional and consulting experience and expertise.  She started CCB Communications in 2003.

Cathy’s experience as a communications coach includes training and consulting with CEO’s and senior executives of major institutions in the areas of:

Presentation Skills and Mastery, Influence Skills, Relationship Selling, Negotiation Skills, Investor Meetings and Events, Earnings Calls,  Fundraising Messaging, Road Show Presenting, Pitch Consulting and Leadership Communication.

Prior to starting CCB Communications, Cathy was a Managing Partner with Rogen International. Her responsibilities there included being a member of the North American management team, driving new business development, leading the Banking and Finance team, running the company’s largest worldwide account and spearheading a global team that developed Rogen’s own professional development program.  Clients she has worked with include:  Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Harvard Business School, Hewlett Packard, Horizon Media, JPMorgan Alternative Asset Managers, JPMorgan Partners, NBC Universal, and UBS.

Prior to becoming a communication consultant, Cathy worked for 14 years in banking.  She has studied acting,  and singing and is fluent in French.  She enjoys comparing the skills used in the performance arts to those required in business today and using them to help her clients gain more confidence, competence and creativity.

Tel. 203-322-9900
Email:  CathyBonczek@ccbcomm.com

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Kristi L. Bogaczyk

Executive Assistant to Cathy Bonczek

Kristi comes to CCB with over ten years-experience as an educator, teaching everyone from elementary students to college sophomores. Her warm and friendly personality, coupled with her high level organizational skills make her a great fit as the Executive Assistant here at CCB.

In addition to teaching, Kristi has served as director of public relations for a not for profit organization for over nine years. Her experience in leadership and management have allowed her to become an active and respected member of her community, having been recognized with numerous awards for her service at both the local and state levels.

Kristi resides in Upstate New York. Apart from her work at CCB, she is an accomplished singer and performer, having performed for audiences of more than 6,000 people. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and Sociology and a dually certified Master’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education from the State University of New York at New Paltz.

Email: KristiBogaczyk@ccbcomm.com


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